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12 April 1919 Reynell family

 12 April 1919   Reynell family

Walter Reynell, son of John, died on 12 April 1919.

John Reynell arrived in South Australia on 16 October 1838. He settled near the Onkaparinga where he started a mixed farm and planted vine cuttings he brought from Cape Province. His enterprise, Reynella Farm, began to pay well and his first vintage came in 1842, but the financial crisis of the early 1840s forced him into insolvency. However, in 1845 he decided to concentrate on winemaking and he bought more vine cuttings from the Macarthurs of Camden, NSW. In that year the now famous underground cellar, the oldest in Australia, was dug. About 1852 John went to the Victorian gold diggings where he won a little gold, while his brother, Alfred, looked after the Reynella property. In 1854 John laid out the township which is named after his farm.

In 1873, three years before John died, Walter took over management of the farm and vineyards and further developed the property until 1900 when his son, Carew, took control of the company. Carew extended the distillery side of the business and Reynella Brandy became the leading brand in the State. In World War I Colonel Carew Reynell was killed at Gallipoli. His sisters incorporated the family company of Walter Reynell and Sons Limited in 1920. Carew's son, Richard, was killed during the Battle of Britain in 1940 and in 1943 the Reynell family decided to relinquish control of the company.

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