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24 April 1881 Geo Hall & Sons

 24 April 1881   Geo Hall & Sons

George Hall, the founder of Geo Hall & Sons died on 24 April 1881.

George Hall arrived in Port Adelaide on 20 June 1849 and in 1851 moved to Marryatville. He began his business as a 'sodawater maker' that year, but supplemented his income by working as a steward at the Adelaide Club. He also brewed ginger beer and delivered it to customers in nearby suburbs by handtruck. In 1869 George took his sons into the business. 

In 1872 they purchased a factory in Edward Street, Norwood which had a natural spring on the site. This building served until 1926 when it was demolished to make way for a larger factory. In 1879 Geo Hall & Sons won first prize at the Sydney International Exhibition and in 1880 obtained first-class prizes for their six exhibits at an International Exhibition in London. Their success was attributed to the quality of the spring water used in Hall's aerated waters. Among their many products was the well known 'Stonie' Ginger Beer. 

Following George Hall's death the family continued the business until it was bought out by Coca- Cola in 1972.

Progress 1851-1951, Geo Hall & Sons.

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