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7 April 1900 Art Gallery

 7 April 1900   Art Gallery

The new Art Gallery was opened by the Governor, Lord Tennyson, on 7 April 1900. The first National Art Gallery of South Australia was opened on 18 June 1881, on the occasion of an exhibition of works purchased in Melbourne, and some works on loan. It was arranged in two rooms at the south end of the Public Library, now part of the State Library.

In 1882 the Gallery and its nucleus collection was moved to a lower room in the Library, and in 1889 was again moved further east along North Terrace to three rooms in the upper floor area of the Jubilee Exhibition Building.

In 1897 Sir Thomas Elder bequeathed a legacy of £25,000 to be used for 'the purchase of pictures only'. The Board immediately advised the Government that this bequest necessitated the erection of a suitable Gallery and subsequently the Elder Wing of the new gallery was built at a cost of £21,600.

A further bequest from Dr Morgan of £65,000, to the Library, Museum and Art Gallery in 1903, helped the Board to extend the collection to sculpture and ceramics. Over the years the Gallery has continued to add to its treasures.

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