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9 December 1872 Dr George Nott

9 December 1872       Dr George Nott

Dr George Nott who died at Semaphore on the 9 December 1872 arrived in South Australia in May 1852 and settled at Gawler. In 1859 a society to expose ‘humbug’ was started and he was made an honorary member, making many contributions to their paper Humbug Society Chronicle. In October 1861 he began The Bunyip newspaper, which is still going, with the object of exposing ‘sham and hypocrisy’ in all areas of society. Nott was a great philanthropist and was dedicated to helping all kinds of people and was connected with most of the Friendly Societies. On 15 July 1865 he made an impassioned plea for funds to search for the ill-fated Ludwig Leichhardt, lost on a trip organized in 1848 to cross Australia from Queensland to Western Australia, whose fate is till a mystery. He was greatly interested in botany and was an amateur artist, often giving lectures on a variety of subjects to the people of Gawler.

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