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2 February 1918 George Michell

 2 February 1918   George Michell

George Henry Michell, patriarch of the Michell family, died on 2 February 1918.

Michell bought a property, 'Undalya', near Kapunda and began a wool scouring business there in 1870. As it expanded he moved to larger premises in the city and established a factory at Hindmarsh in 1896. In time his four sons entered the business.

In the late 1960s the company moved to a new factory at Salisbury South which was completed in 1973. Over the years the company moved into wool trading and processing, leather manufacture, crop and pastoral production, international trade and merchant banking. The Michells are regularly listed as one of South Australia's wealthiest families.

Six Generations of Michell, 1988.

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