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10 July 1901 Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall

 10 July 1901 Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall

The Royal yacht Ophir carrying the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (later King George V) in Australian waters sailed up the Port River to berth in Port Adelaide on 10 July 1901, a day late. Because of unfavourable weather the yacht had been forced to anchor at Largs Bay the day before and the Duke and Duchess had been taken up to Port Adelaide in the tug Euro sometime behind the original schedule, and were whisked to the Adelaide Town Hall for the official reception. The Duke and Duchess were in Australia for the opening of the Federal Parliament in Melbourne which took place on 1 January and were paying their first visit to South Australia. They attended the usual array of functions: a levee at Government House, visits to hospitals and a State Dinner, and as with previous royal visits Adelaide was gaily decorated with flags, buntings and illuminations. The Duke also laid the foundation stone of the Queen’s Home at Victoria Park (later Queen Victoria Hospital) and went shooting at Buckland Park and on the Sunday attended St Peter’s Cathedral for the opening of the nave where he unveiled a brass plaque in memory of South Australia’s fallen soldiers. The party left Port Adelaide on the Ophir on 15 July.

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