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13 July 1888 'Star of Greece'

 13 July 1888 'Star of Greece'

The sailing ship Star of Greece a three-masted, full rigged, steel hulled vessel of 1227 tons left Port Adelaide at 7 pm on 12 July 1888. She was loaded with 16,002 bags of wheat and was bound for Belfast. As she was beating down the gulf the weather turned nasty and she hove to off Port Willunga to wait for the weather to abate. About 3.30 am with her anchor dragging she was driven on to a reef only 200 metres from shore. The ship began to break up and the ten men who survived were washed ashore on some of the wreckage where the people of the village helped them. The Captain, H R Harrower, aged 29 years was lost along with another 26 of his crew. The bodies of those found, including the captain, are buried in the tiny churchyard of the nearby Aldinga church.

Journal of the Historical Society of SA, No 6, 1979, pp 4-5.

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