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17 July 1964 Donald Campbell, Bluebird and Muloorina Station

17 July 1964 Donald Campbell, Bluebird and Muloorina Station 

On 17 July 1964, at his second attempt (1963 was a wet year), Donald Campbell set the land speed record on the dry salt pan of lake Eyre in his famous Bluebird car. For the attempt Campbell and his entourage of nearly 500 people – engineers, technicians, police and army personnel, reporters and others – had their headquarters at Muloorina Station. Muloorina owned and run by the Price family is nearly 800 square kilometres of saltbush country in the usually dry and arid outback. In 1938 Elliot Price and his brother sank bores all over the property and diverted water into the dry bed of the Frome River where it flowed along for 25 kms supplying the homestead and forming billabongs to which many birds flocked. In good years 30,000 sheep and 3,500 cattle ran on the station although in drought years these numbers were greatly depleted. For 30 years Elliot Price lived for his property and when he died in 1969 he was buried in the red earth near the road leading to his ‘kingdom’. Part of his memorial is a wilderness national park and wildlife reserve named after him in the northern section of Muloorina which he donated to the state. It is the most arid national park in the country.

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