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2 July 1858 Real Property Act

 2 July 1858 Real Property Act

In January 1858 the South Australian government passed the Real Property Act, the legislation that allowed the Torrens Title system of land conveyance to be used. Designed by Colonel Robert Torrens, one of the Colonisation Commissioners, it came into operation on 2 July 1858. By this method registered certificates guaranteed by the state and showing on their face every subsequent transaction were substituted for the cumbrous transfer by deed whish was also more expensive to implement.

Although there was some opposition to the system, particularly from the legal profession who no doubt saw this simplification of land transfer as causing a reduction in their earnings, the Torrens method was established in SA. In 1860 Torrens visited neighbouring colonies to explain his system which was well received, and on his return he was made Registrar General so that he might administer the Act he had framed.

Many countries now use the Torrens Title system.

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