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4 July 1926 Paralana

 4 July 1926 Paralana

On 4 July 1926 a number of people were enjoying the benefits of the thermal springs at Paralana in the northern Flinders Ranges. Earlier that year a company called Paralana Hot Springs Syndicate issued a brochure extolling the virtues of these thermal waters:

A Wonderful Radio-Active Thermal Spring Possessing Remarkable Curative Properties ...

Nowhere in the world has Nature provided such wonderful mineral impregnated waters as at Paralana. The climate and scenery of Paralana Spa are so delightful, so restful, that they alone would be sufficient recommendation to stay a while at this beautiful place for health’s sake, quite apart from the rare thermal spring waters flowing there. ...

The glowing description of the area was undoubtedly true but the provisions for guests were far from amenable. Buildings erected for accommodation were of galvanised iron and apparently meals were terrible. Although the staff included a medical officer, the remoteness of the area and the lack of good facilities saw the venture fail and it closed in 1927. No trace of the buildings remains and the solitude of that part of the Flinders is left to the wild life to enjoy.

Hans Mincham, The Story of the Flinders Ranges, Rigby, 1964, pp296-97.

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