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7 July 1870 Synagogue

 7 July 1870 Synagogue

On 7 July 1870 Garbriel Bennett, President of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation, laid the foundation stone of the new synagogue in Rundle Street. This was the second building on the site as the first synagogue, virtually a large room, was consecrated in August 1850. The Jewish community which numbered only 48 persons in 1846 raised the money to purchase land and erect the building.
The Community continued to grow and by 1891 the Jewish population of Adelaide was 840 and it was at this time that Levi Jacobs suggested redevelopment of the site to make shops and thus provide income for the maintenance of the synagogue. This was done on the rundle Street frontage and the entrance to the synagogue remains in Synagogue Place, the building having changed little over the years except for ‘refacing’ in 1936.

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