Celebrating South Australia


21 June 1887 Jubilee Exhibition

 21 June 1887   Jubilee Exhibition

On 21 June 1887 the Governor, Sir William Robinson, escorted by nearly 1200 mounted troopers, soldiers, marines and a number of brass bands, and led by the mounted police on their greys, moved down North Terrace to the Jubilee Exhibition Building next to the University. There he officially opened the 1887 Jubilee Exhibition which was to run for a year. 

The large main building, designed by Withall and Wells, was of classical appearance, with a tall dome, reaching a height of 105 feet, crowning it. There were exhibits from all over the world: from Limoges china to locally made farm machinery, furniture, and South Australian wines. In the western annexe was a display of 29 electric lights to intrigue visitors. After the Exhibition the building was used for other purposes including government offices. It was demolished in 1962.

The South Australian Register, 22 June 1887.