Celebrating South Australia


27 June 1925 Simpson Newland

 27 June 1925   Simpson Newland

Simpson Newland, who died on the 27 June 1925, came to South Australia as a child. His father became a pastoralist at Port Victor when the area had only a few squatters, and the whaling stations which operated from near the Bluff. At the age of twenty Simpson went off droving and was engaged in several droves from Goulburn, New South Wales to South Australia. With two partners he took up a run on the Darling River, stocked with sheep and cattle, and for twenty years they experienced both good and lean times.

On his return to South Australia Newland became interested in politics, was elected to the House of Assembly as the member for Encounter Bay and was Treasurer for a year in the Downer Ministry.

In 1893 he published his book, Paving the Way, an account of his, and other people's, varied adventures in the pioneering of new country. It was well received at the time and is still regarded as something of a classic in South Australian literature.

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