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3 June 1837 Adelaide street names gazetted

 3 June 1837   Adelaide street names gazetted

The street names for the city of Adelaide were gazetted on 3 June 1837. A committee of prominent citizens was appointed to name the streets and squares and although there was some dissension on the choice of some names the committee finally settled on the following:

Victoria Square for the heir to the throne, Hindmarsh Square for Governor Hindmarsh, Hurtle Square for James Hurtle Fisher the Resident Commissioner, Light Square for Colonel Light the surveyor of the city, and Whitmore Square for one of the Colonial Commissioners in London.

The main city streets are named for the following:

Rundle - John Rundle MP, Director of the South Australian Company.
Hindley - Charles Hindley MP, Director of the South Australian Co.
Grenfell - Pascoe St Leger Grenfell MP, an anti-slavery advocate who presented the funds for the town acre for Holy Trinity Church.
Currie - Raikes Currie MP, Director of the South Australian Company.
Pirie - Sir John Pirie, Lord Mayor of London, Director of the South Australian Company.
Waymouth - Henry Waymouth, Director of the South Australian Co.
Flinders - Matthew Flinders, the explorer.
Franklin- Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin, midshipman under Flinders

Wakefield - Edward Gibbon and his brother Daniel, members of the South Australian Association, architect of the scheme of 'systematic colonisation'.
Grote - George Grote MP, treasurer of the South Australian Association.
Angas - George Fife Angas, one of founders of the South Australian Company.
Gouger - Robert Gouger, Colonial Secretary.
Carrington - Lord Carrington.
Halifax - Mr Hallifax (sic) of Glen & Co, one of founders of the province.
Gilbert - Thomas Gilbert, Comptroller of Stores.
Pulteney - Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, a friend of Hindmarsh.

Most of these people did not come to South Australia.

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