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8 June 1876 Training School for Teachers

 8 June 1876   Training School for Teachers

In November 1874 the Central Board of Education invited Mr E.J. Woods to submit plans for a Training School for Teachers, and the resulting School in Grote Street opened without ceremony on the 8 June 1876, with Mr L.G. Madley of the Model School as Principal. In 1908 the Model School and Training School were amalgamated to form the newly established Adelaide Continuation School. By the end of the first quarter the Advanced School for Girls became a part of the establishment, and by July 1908 all three buildings of the Continuation School became the Adelaide High School which was officially opened on the 24 September 1908.

For thirty years the South Australian Government only contributed to secondary education for girls, there was no equivalent for boys. This may seem strange, but there were two reasons for it: government scholarships were available for primary school boys to private schools, and as there was a need for more teachers, and females were paid less, it was better to train them as teachers.

In 1979 the school was taken over by the Department of Further Education and the Multicultural Education Centre when Adelaide Girls High School moved in with the Boys High School on West Terrace.

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