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28 March 1972 Liberal Movement


8 March 1972   Liberal Movement

On 28 March 1972 former Premier of South Australia, Steele Hall, and other 'progressive' Liberals announced the formation of the Liberal Movement. Its aim was to re-state Liberal policies and principles to appeal to modern day urban liberals who were becoming alienated from the conservative, hard line elements of the LCL.

The first taste of success came on 2 December when the Liberal Movement's Federal candidate, Ian Wilson, won back the Labor seat of Bonython in the 1972 elections. 

On 23 March 1973 the LCL State Council voted to deny endorsement to any member belonging to 'an outside political body' which included the Liberal Movement. Steele Hall, Martin Cameron, and later Robin Millhouse, left the LCL and on 31 March the Liberal Movement formally split from the LCL.

In September Hall announced that he would stand for a Senate seat at the next Federal elections, and was successful at the elections in May 1974. After returning to the LCL fold in 1977 Hall stood for, but lost, the federal seat of Hawker for the House of Representatives. In February 1981 he won the seat of Boothby in a by-election. He retired from politics in 19??

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