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20 May 1870 The Bushmen's Club

 20 May 1870   The Bushmen's Club

On 20 May 1870 the Bushmen's Club, an institution apparently unique to South Australia, was opened by the Governor, Sir James Fergusson. 

In 1866 William Hugo, said to be a relative of Victor Hugo, was in Adelaide after spending many years as a bush missionary, travelling through remote areas, helping those who needed help and accepting hospitality when it was offered. Hugo conceived the idea of establishing a home for men down from the bush, a place to stay which catered for their needs without being expensive. Through the generosity of George Fife Angas and his son John Howard, who was a Trustee, the first premises was the Adelaide Court House, better known as Judge Cooper's residence, in the south-east corner of Whitmore Square. Over time additions were made so it could accommodate 150 boarders and the Club operated for years with Hugo as Resident Manager.

The building is now the Salvation Army hostel.

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