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21 May 1953 Publication of the Eagle

 21 May 1953   Publication of the Eagle

On 21 May 1953 the Advertiser announced that the first publication of its boys' magazine, the Eagle,  was on sale for ninepence. It was 'designed to capture the imagination of boys and satisfy their zest for adventure, their love of sport and their interest in the scientific marvels of the day'. It was claimed that the magazine conformed to the standards expected by parents and teachers.

The list of pictorial features, some in colour, included: Dan Dare, pilot of the interplanet space fleet of the future; The Great Adventurer (the story of Saul of Tarsus, who became St Paul); the exploits of the BBC radio character PC 49; Jeff Arnold in Riders of the Range; Professor Brittain explaining the working of a giant telescope; Harris Tweed, 'extra special intelligence agent'; Rob Conway, ATC cadet in search of a secret city; Heroes of the Clouds, the story of pioneers of the air; boxing lessons by Freddie Mills, former light-heavyweight champion; a description of a famous British express train; and the story of Skippy the Kangaroo.

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