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19 October 1896 The movies

 19 October 1896        The movies    

At a matinee in the Theatre Royal on 19 October 1896 Adelaide people saw for the first time the wonder of moving pictures. The Cinematograph was described by the Advertiser as ‘an example of mechanical ingenuity which must be seen to be appreciated’. After the initial showing in the Theatre Royal the apparatus was removed to the Beehive Building and exhibitions continued there. The pictures ranged from dancers to boxers and a battle between Buffalo Bill and some Red Indians. The coming of the silent movies was followed by the first talkie which was given a gala reception when The Jazz Singer opened at the Wondergraph Theatre in Hindley Street on 2 March 1929. The theatre had been completely renovated to feature this new entertainment. The Regent Theatre also began showing talkies at the same time with the feature film The Red Dancer. The long queue for seats almost caused a traffic jam in Rundle Street and the management had to allow people into the foyer and lounges to clear the street.

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