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27 October 1948 Covent Garden Restaurant Fire

 27 October 1948        Covent Garden Restaurant Fire

Two men and three women died when fire swept through the Covent Garden Restaurant in King William Street early in the evening of 27 October 1948. Five others were injured, three seriously. The fire began in a griller in the kitchen and spread quickly through the flue to the second and third floors and was soon burning fiercely. The public were ushered out safely, but some of the kitchen staff were caught in the rear of the building. A number of people jumped from the upper windows on to awnings or onto the street, while others slid down drainpipes, some suffering serious burns. Firemen, using extension ladders, rescued many diners. The fire was brought under control in about an hour in front of a crowd of 6000. It was one of the worst fires in Adelaide for over forty years, for although the Moore’s fire in March of the same year was spectacular no lives were lost.

Advertiser, 28 October 1948.

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