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18 September 1922 Paddle-steamer Avoca

 18 September 1922 Paddle-steamer Avoca

On 18 September 1922 Captain J.G. Arnold took the ageing and somewhat decrepit paddle-steamer Avoca from Port Adelaide on a hazardous sea voyage to the Murray mouth and thence up river to Morgan to be slipped and repaired. Built in 1877 the 112-foot boat was said to be one of the largest on the river and was used for carrying cargo. After several mishaps, by the 1920s with paddle boxes gone and with masts added she was used in the Port River and nicknamed Squid because her decks were usually half awash. When Captain Arnold reached Murray Bridge he had to remove the masts to get under the railway bridge, having already dragged down a number of telephone lines across the river. After re-fitting in Morgan the Avoca was used for various purposes; fitted out as a show boat she was used on excursion trips from Murray Bridge.

Avoca is now moored at Mildura.

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