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6 September 1901 Stock Exchange

 6 September 1901 Stock Exchange

The new Stock Exchange building was opened by the Premier J.G. Jenkins on 6 September 1901. One of its main features was to be the federation stained glass window, designed by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Burne Jones, which was described in the Register the next day:

In the centre will be a representation of Britannia, and on one side the figure used by the artist in the picture ‘The Star of Bethlehem’. This is the form of a Negro and will typify South Australia. Alongside will be an Australian bushman and on the opposite side a representation of Canada and one of the inhabitants of the King’s Indian Dominion. The sun, which never sets on the British Empire, night and morning, will all be illuminated in the window, which will be a fine piece of work.

In spite of being damaged by fire in 1938 and again in 1942, the exterior of the building and its window remain intact, although the red brick edifice with its corner turret is now overshadowed by taller, less ornate structures.

City of Adelaide Heritage Survey 1981-86.

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