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A History of Woodville 1977-1987

Susan Marsden, A history of Woodville 1977-1987, unpublished typescript, 1987.

Susan Marsden, A HISTORY OF WOODVILLE 1977-1987 (4.6 MB)


This is a ‘lost history’, rediscovered 20 years after it was written. The City of Woodville asked Susan Marsden to update A History of Woodville, published in 1977, and this was completed in 1987. Woodville Council covered most of north western metropolitan Adelaide lying between Hindmarsh and Port Adelaide. The council boundaries were extended in amalgamations after 1987, and the City of Charles Sturt was established in 1997 following the amalgamation of the City of Hindmarsh Woodville and the City of Henley and Grange.

The author acknowledges and thanks Charles Sturt Library Service and Linda Lacey, Cultural Heritage Project Officer at the City of Charles Sturt for locating this Woodville history 20 years after the handwritten document was received, and for providing the typewritten copy reproduced here.