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Marginalising Evangelicals: Thomas Binney in South Australia 1858-1859


This essay explores a major colonial debate about church cooperation and church union, with Bishop Short and Thomas Binney as principal protagonists. It also suggests some interesting social coalitions especially among Anglicans.

This essay originally appeared in the Journal of the United Reformed Church Historical Society, vol. 4, no. 9, Dec 1991, pp.540-65, and is reprinted here with minor amendments. An abbreviated version appeared in Lucas: an evangelical history review, no. 10, Dec 1990, pp.7-21.

Brian Dickey, now retired, served as an associate professor of History at Flinders University for many years. He is a member of the Professional Historians Assoxciation (SA).

Tags: Binney Thomas, Church of England, church union, Congregational Church, diocese of Adelaide, , high church, Holy Trinity North Terrace, MacDonnell Governor Richard, Marryat Charles, Marryat Grace (nee Howard), Nonconformists, Oxford Movement, Short Bishop Augustus, Tomkinson Samuel, Way James