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Goolwa Post Office – A History

This history of Goolwa Post Office was written by Caroline Cosgrove. It was commissioned by Australia Post through the Victorian architectural practice, Lovell Chen, as part of a conservation and management plan for the post office. The author acknowledges and thanks Australia Post and Lovell Chen for permission to reproduce this history. It has not previously been published.

Caroline Cosgrove has undertaken research and heritage significance assessments for various heritage surveys in South Australia, including a Twentieth Century Heritage Survey (1928–1945) for the Department for Environment and Heritage, and a City of Adelaide Heritage Survey (2008) for Adelaide City Council. In 2009 Caroline completed a Department for Environment and Heritage Fellowship with the University of South Australia Architecture Museum. She produced a report, ‘Art Deco: its place in South Australia’s architectural heritage,’ and a monograph, Moving To The Modern, Art Deco in South Australian Architecture. She has been a member of the National Trust (ACT) Council and a president of the Professional Historians Association (SA).

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