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High And Dry By The Mangroves? South Australia's Dry Creek Explosives Magazines

 Originally presented at the Fifth Australian Urban History Planning History Conference, University of South Australia, 13-15 April 2000, and published in the Conference Proceedings, edited by Christine Garnaut and Stephen Hamnett, University of South Australia, Adelaide 2000, pp.222–232.

Bridget Jolly, who holds an MA from Flinders University and a PhD from the University of South Australia, has been a professional historian for some thirteen years, and has presented conference papers and published articles on Buckminster Fuller, agricultural and architectural history topics, and Kangaroo Island's history. She is currently working towards publication of a book on aspects of Kangaroo Island's history, 1890-1950

Tags: Bellamy H., Broad Creek, Broken Hill, coastal embankments, Dry Creek, , Electricity Trust of South Australia, explosives imports, explosives magazines, , Hargreaves W.A, Imperial Chemical Industries Australia & New Zealand (ICIA&NZ), Inspector of Explosives, Islington Sewage Farm, , Marine Board of SA, MFP Australia, Nobel (Australasia), North Arm, Port Adelaide, Sabulite, , , South Australian Harbors Board, SS South Africa, , , water trade