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Storekeepers or Health Professionals; pharmacists in Adelaide 1870-1930

This essay was first published in Brian Dickey (ed), William Shakespeare’s Adelaide 1860-1930, Adelaide, Association of Professional Historians, 1992, pp.147-158, and is reprinted here with minor changes.

Peter Donovan, Storekeepers or Health Professionals; pharmacists in Adelaide 1870-1930 (83 KB)

 The original volume aimed to examine a variety of aspects of the life of the City of Adelaide during the years when William Shakespeare was an inspector on the staff of the City Corporation. This essay was based on a history of Faulding commissioned to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of the business in 1845. The history of the business was published in 1995 under the title, The Faulding Formula: a History of FH Faulding & Co Ltd.