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State Treasures

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In the course of South Australia’s history innumerable objects have been produced, used and either kept or discarded. A small number of them are memorable in some way, are directly associated with important people or events, or have otherwise had a significant impact on the State’s development. They can now be regarded as ‘State Treasures’. Some of them, such as the first General Motors Holden car produced in Adelaide in 1949, or Charles Hill’s painting of the Proclamation at Glenelg, are held by major collecting institutions such as History SA or the Art Gallery of SA. Many others are managed by local museums or other community groups. PHA (SA) members have written about some of these ‘State Treasures’. A selection is entered on this site.

The small collection presented here are by members of the PHA. They are all drawn from Community History, the house magazine of what was then the History Trust of South Australia. The decision to reprint the articles here is a further effort to publicise the items and to give further attention to the concept. There are other articles in the series in Community History written by authors who are not members of the PHA.

The articles republished here appear with the kind permission of the History Trust of SA (history.sa.gov.au).

Photo: Timber jinker, Burra, built in 1851 by coachbuilder Mr Coulls of Hindley Street Adelaide, and used to transport the two largest beam engines used at the Burra mines – Schneider’s and Morphett’s. The Schneider engine was hauled by a record 72 bullocks from Port Adelaide to Burra, with the journey taking two weeks.