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Membership benefits

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  • Annual Directory of Consultant Historians and Researchers
  • PHA (SA) Newsletter, including PHA (NT) news, by e-mail in March, July and November, with notices of employment opportunities, events, historical resources and general information
  • Continuing professional development events and workshops
  • Specialised library and archives tours
  • Liaison and combined activities with cultural institutions
  • Seminars and events providing mutual support among members
  • Monthly lunch, annual dinner and end-of-year members' barbecue
  • Support for history and heritage in SA through talks, publications, alliances and the media
  • Support for professional historians nationally through membership of Professional Historians Australia
  • Recommended scale of fees
  • Code of ethics
  • Model contract
  • Special rates for professional indemnity and public liability insurance

Issued by the PHA (SA), updated 17 March 2019