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Donovan, Peter

Donovan & Associates,
History and Historic Preservation Consultants
PO Box 436
Blackwood SA 5051
ABN 21 950 806 653
Telephone (08) 8270 1770    
Mobile 0413 910 234
Fax (08) 8270 1770




Member status

Professional Historian

Academic qualifications

BA (Hons), MA

Membership of related societies

Professional Historians Association (SA), Australian Historical Association, Australia ICOMOS, Oral History Association of Australia (SA), South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society, National Council of Public History, Historical Society of South Australia, National Trust of South Australia.

Professional experience

Donovan & Associates has been engaged in historical research and writing and heritage projects since 1980. Projects have been undertaken in all mainland states for clients that have come from all levels of government, and small and large organisations including major national companies such as Goodman Fielder, George Weston Foods and Johnson & Johnson.

Skills and services offered

Donovan & Associates is skilled in all aspects of historical research and writing. It is also skilled in book production and is able to take books from concept to publication. The firm has also established a network of contacts with complementary skills in such fields as architecture and photography.


Donovan & Associates has completed more than 50 books that include local histories of Alice Springs and Port Wakefield; corporate histories of Faulding, Adelaide Airport, Tip Top Bakeries, Johnson & Johnson; histories of government agencies such as the South Australian Highways Department, the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, the Australian Protective Service; a history of a golf club, another of a nursing organization, a history of the Millewa Forest and histories of several schools.

Research interests

Agriculture; Architecture; Australian studies; Biography; Business history; Conservation; Cultural tourism; Environment; Genealogy; Govt. admin; Heritage studies; Industrial history; Industrialisation; Local history; Mining history; Organisation histories; Pastoralism; Political history; Religious history; Science; South Australian studies; Sports history; Urban history.

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