Dr Carmel Pascale is a consultant historian and Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Humanities
at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Her PhD, awarded in 2022 from the University of Adelaide,
traced the development of nationalism in South Australia in the twentieth century, with a focus on
the state’s relationship with Britain and the empire.

Carmel also have more than 10 years of professional experience in public policy development and
project management with the South Australian Government.



Member Status
Professional Historian

Academic Qualifications
PhD (University of Adelaide) 2022
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (University of Adelaide) 2014
Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (Policy) (Flinders University) 2007
Bachelor of Arts (University of Adelaide) 1998

Membership of Related Societies
History Council of South Australia
The Australian Historical Association
Australian Museums and Galleries Association

Skills and Services Offered
Research and Analysis
Editing and Proofreading
Project Development and Management
PHA SA Website
Political History
Public History

Research Interests
South Australian History
Company and Organisation History
Heritage History
Family History and Genealogy
Local History
Migration History
Government History

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